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the real reasons you need to go natural 

Have you ever really thought about what you’re putting on your skin?

People generally consider what they put into their bodies via their digestive system but not so much into their bodies via the largest organ - the skin. The average woman uses around 12 mainstream beauty products a day; that’s approximately 163 unique chemicals in total plastering the skin (1)! Did you know that the body can absorb many of these chemicals, taking an unseen toll on our health as a result?

From toothpaste and shampoo to deodorant, makeup and skincare, everything used on the body has an effect - sometimes adverse to the one we’re looking for. We use lotions and potions because we care about our bodies and how they look and feel - so it’s a little disheartening to discover we may be doing more damage to them than good by using the wrong products. The cosmetics industry has yet to ban the use of many toxic substances so you’d be shocked to find out what some of the other brands in the market are putting into your products and the effects these chemicals are capable of having on a person’s well-being (2). The same way we prosper by consuming natural, nutrient-rich food, our skin and hair thrive off chemical-free natural goodness in our personal care and beauty products.

At Beesline we believe we have a duty to take care not only of ourselves but the world we live in. Going natural is not only better for you but for the environment too. The reason is simple; everything that is not absorbed into our system will at one point or another be washed off our bodies, down the sink and eventually end up in our atmosphere, our oceans, our soil and potentially in the stomachs of animals. Therefore, the more natural the less damage. We never test our products on animals and we would never have to… because being natural means knowing that the ingredients we use aren’t harmful and always safe to test on humans – not our furry friends.

You no longer have to pamper in vain… you can achieve optimal health and beauty without the risk of harm to yourself or the environment. So, nourish your body from the outside in and bring the benefits of the hive straight to your skin!

Bee natural with Beesline.

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